Who We Are

Co-owner Roxanne

Hello, my name is Roxanna and I am the maker of many things, including cold process handmade artisan soaps crafted the good old fashioned way. I have been making and selling soap since 2014. What started as a hobby of mixing a touch of that from my garden with a pinch of that from my kitchen has turned into a healthy obsession and small business.

And that was what it was for many years, a side hustle, a part time job, until COVID-19 and 2020. Like many others in the restaurant industry I found myself without a job wondering what was next. Turns out my husband Ben was in the same position. So we took a deep breath and decided to combine forces and give all our energy to building and growing this small business. With Ben at my side this quickly growing business was in need of some serious updates,  including this website.

Let me take a step back. A number of years ago I was on a rampage searching for community-ed classes to take and learn new skills to satisfy my curious nature of learning. After passing up soap making a few times with regret I finally did it. Fast forward here and I am writing a bio for BluGirl Soapworks, the little company.

I have to confess I love showering and bathing. I have many bathtub photos from childhood to prove it. That being said I tend to have dry and sensitive skin, so as a soapmaker I take skincare needs seriously. Personally I want to have a bar of soap that is fun and pretty, with all the swirls and twirls but also one that leaves me feeling clean, nourished and hydrated. My goal as a soapmaker is to create products that I want on my skin.

There are so many ways to boost a bar of soap. Adding organic herbs and clays for exfoliation and skin benefits. Using natural herb and plant based colorants and as many organic ingredients as possible. The use of high quality oils, butters and superfatting to name a few.

Throughout the product line you will find high quality ingredients, thoughtfully chosen, that you and your loved ones will feel confident using on every member of your family including your dog!  If you have read this far I will give you a few extra nuggets for your effort.

I was born in Montana and now reside in Minnesota with my best friend and husband Ben. BluGirl Soapworks is named after our beloved Boxer “Blu” who broke my heart when she left this world. I am a nature lover who is jumpy about bugs, a crazy gardener who won’t touch worms, and a night owl that is scared of the dark.

Thank you for your interest in our small and growing company. Ben and I have been working around the clock to grow this business while taking the time to enjoy all the pieces along the way like meeting new customers at the farmers markets, catching up with long time followers, taking in feedback and enjoying the feeling of building something together. This has been in the works for years and we are so pleased to be here. Thank you for supporting BluGirl Soapworks, it means the world to us!

Take care and feel free to reach out,

Roxanna and Benjamin